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Title:The Complete Inbound Marketing Definition
Description:To get startup growth through inbound marketing strategy, Growth Hackers is the right destination. But what is the inbound marketing definition? In the world of marketing & business, inbound marketing became very trendy. However, the word inbound (Opposed as outbound marketing) is often misinterpreted & misunderstood. The goal of inbound marketing is not only attracting traffic but also is to convert this traffic into leads by getting the email addresses of the qualified traffic. Then, the goal is to convert leads into sales through (Email marketing can be a great channel for that. After making a sale, you still want to stay in touch with your customers to delight them & could make them become evangelists or happy promoters in the future. Therefore, inbound marketing is a 4-phase process: you attract visitors - you convert this traffic into leads - you close into sales - you delight your customers. Growth Hackers is a much more than specialist in inbound marketing & help startups, entrepreneurs & small businesses by implementing growth hacking & inbound marketing strategies. This is the reason why Growth Hackers gives this complete inbound marketing definition. Inbound marketing has for the mai objective to pull your potential customers in direction to your website through content marketing, social media, SEO and other channels.
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