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Title:dell parts is a professional parts trading and service provider, mainly focused on the computer replacement parts, server and workstation components. Founded in 2013, is teamed up with some of the industry’s most talented and experienced people who are committed to acting with integrity toward customers, vendors and each other. We work together and thrive every day to prove to everyone that high ethical standards and great financial success are not contradictory–that, in fact, they mutually support one another.’s owners and the entire organization are dedicated to build and sustain long-term partnerships with our customers by creating trust and confidence through our strong sourcing ability, strict quality control and amicable customer service. Integritied service, unsurpassed quality, innovation and commitment to continuous improvement are what you get with, from our first conversation with you to the immediate delivery of high value solutions that meet your specific needs. Start separating the display bezel from the back cover with a piece of soft plastic. After months of using my laptop with a broken screen I now feel like i have a brand new laptop!! After removing all screws and the webcam cable, lay the screen flat down on the keyboard. First, with a flat screwdriver pry the top laptop bezel off, you will need to twist the LCD screen flat to remove it completely. Be sure to read our other Dell computer tutorials for more information on this topic. In the mean time, Dell has replaced our current 2560×1440 pick with the very similar U2713H, which has most of the same features, but adds a DisplayPort-out port for monitor daisy-chaining. That in itself is nothing new, but what Dell has also done is to keep costs impressively low, with this machine available from just £499. I have no idea what Dell is going to charge you, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were $200-400. Because we're also an authorized Dell reseller in San Diego, we have many Dell computer parts in stock able to make any replacements if needed during your Dell laptop repair. Would ring Dell first, to see if they would cover it as suggested then you may have a chance, if however you disturb the security seals etc, they wont touch it. Doing so will copy an image of your screen onto your computer's clipboard, from which you can paste it into an application that will allow you to save it as a picture.
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